Blue flowers

There’s a sort of poetic licence in floristry when it comes to colours. Blue flowers can also include what are really mauve or purple. It’s amazing how differently people see colours. It also depends on the light – we even see the difference on a grey day compared with a sunny day.
Summer is the best time for true blue flowers – cornflowers, scabious, campanula, brodaeia, as well as hydrangea, agapanthus and delphiniums you can see in the image. Blue roses are available, but are dyed.
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Wedding flowers London

Today I am delighted to be in Harrogate, doing the wedding flowers for one of my lovely nieces, and, of course,attending the wedding!
There’s a nip in the air, and I can see that the flowers are a couple of weeks behind us down south. The snowdrops have only just finished, and the blossom is still beautiful.
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Flower delivery in Holborn

Our early spring posy has proven extremely popular of late. Small bouquets, with our without a container, are most suitable for offices and theatre deliveries.
We’re now moving into the early summer flower season, and have had peonies and hydrangea in stock this week. It’s lovely how the flowers change with the seasons, always bringing new textures, shapes and colour to our bouquets.
We offer free delivery in Holborn, and to our clients who have weekly office flowers.
We’ll be closed for Easter Friday -Monday.
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