Flowers for delivery in central London

We have some fabulous flowers in stock today! we’re open till 7pm, so you have a chance to grab a bouquet en route home for the weekend.
The sky is still grey, but somehow it lights up the vibrant colours of the flowers. At least the daylight hours are getting longer, and we’re now in March – the start of spring!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Make someone’s day with a bouquet

There’s something very special about small, dainty flowers. They express fragility, gentleness and beauty. Many spring flowers are tiny – buds, the start of a new season, gentle scents..
This little pot contains genista, ranunculus, roses, pistache, rosemary, clematis and lisianthus.
Flowers can be used to express so many sentiments. For me, they are the ultimate gift. But then they would be, wouldn’t they!

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Flowers for events in central London

We’ve been busy making these wild-looking table centres for a tea party at the TUC this afternoon. I love the purple & white combination – beautiful clematis, lisianthus, limonium and small white gerbera with pistache and eucalyptus.
if you need flowers for an event in central London, give us a call on 07932 052411 or email