IMG_20150719_145056I’ve been foraging today, & found these lovely cherry plums. I’ve been picking from these trees since my childhood. They are covered in tiny white blossom in March, then the wind makes snowstorms of blossom, scented & piled up on the roadside. Finally, we have these amazing fruits – raw, stewed or made into jam, all equally delicious.

I’ve also picked blackcurrants, lavender, lemon balm & myrtle from the garden, ready to make some signature bouquets at Stems tomorrow.

I tend to bag the blackcurrants & put them straight into the freezer, Just heat them up in the winter & pour them on top of yoghurt or ice cream for a taste of summer on a dark, cold day. I learned that trick when I lived in Sweden!

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wild bouquets in WC1 Holborn florist

wild-bouquet-poppy-heads-hydrangea-thistleWe’re having a busy week, with all the usual bouquets for ITV, office weekly flowers, an event at The House of St. Barnabas and a dinner at the LSE tomorrow, in their colours of yellow & purple.

It’s much easier to manage event flowers in the summer heat – they just need to look their best on the day. But weekly office flowers are another matter. it’s been a challenge, finding a variation of flowers that will look good for a week. The exotic anthuriums and protea are perfect.

I love the flowers in the photo – wild, textured and beautiful!

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send flowers WC1, Holborn

send flowers in WC1, Holborn
florist WC1, Holborn

Yesterday was so sunny & beautiful. i love the sweeps of lavender in the garden, now flowering & fragrant. The clematis is stunning, trailing like a purple waterfall. The poppies have their jade seed pods, & the texture of the tall, mauve thistles is wonderful.

There’s no need to cut the lawn – it’s dry & the colour of straw. We had dinner in the garden last night, & the air was filled with the scent of flowers, mixed with charcoal. A few spots of rain sent us indoors well after dark.

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