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The days are getting shorter, & the leaves are turning to beautiful reds, golds & rusts. If we are lucky enough to see the sunshine, it has a lovely, golden quality – like the final warming before winter sets in.
The next celebration on the calendar is Halloween. Mostly enjoyed by children, performing their door to door trick or treat, we can all participate, with a special supper, joined by good friends.
There are fab recipes available online, & ideas for special suppers in all the supermarkets.
Why not decorate the table with a carved pumpkin, & some stems of autumn flowers. We have crocosmia pods, echinacea, burnt orange roses, hydrangea & leucadendron. Finish off with a few candles – enjoy!
This is a photo of our carved pumpkins in the shop window

Wedding flowers in London

st mary undercroft1st mary undercroft2 There are many beautiful churches in London, but The Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft in The Palace of Westminster is one of the most stunning I have had the pleasure of decorating with flowers. Small & intimate, beautifully lit, ornate and welcoming, we decided to use flowers to complement the vast array of colours & textures, rather than to contrast & stand out. So it was all the shades of autumn – yellows, oranges, greens & rusts.
The bride wore pale blue, so we incorporated some hydrangea in shades of bluey mauve.
The reception was held at The House of Lords Terrace, with its wonderful views over The Thames. The Terrace was filled with the scent of myrtle & freesia.
If you’re getting married in London, come & visit us for a consultation.

Seasonal flowers

signature-3-july-13e It’s been a tough summer with the constant heat, & some of the flowers have struggled to survive. Some of my seasonal favourites, such as nigella, scabious & dahlias have not lasted well.
My garden flowers, herbs & foliage are always a feature of my signature bouquets. I loved the twisty, trailing stems, textures, seed heads & the scent of the lavender, mint, oregano & myrtle.
The season is about to change, & we move from the pinks & purples colour palette to a more autumnal feel, with reds, oranges, golds & rusts with deep shades of green. It reflects the golden quality of the autumn sunshine. I’ll go foraging for conkers, sweet chestnuts, sloe berries & branches & dried grasses.

Life and Death

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the beauty of nature

With life, we must accept death, & my family has endured two deaths in the past eight months. I lost my wonderful husband, Sean on New Year’s Eve. His father, Brendan died on 8th August.

The dynamics within the family alter with the loss of key characters. Both strong & vivacious people, they have left a huge abyss. I feel sympathy for the families suffering the same loss. Life can seem impossible & meaningless. But whatever your personal beliefs, you know that our lost ones would want us to be safe & happy. The grieving process is inevitable & important. it is a time of reflection.

I am lucky enough to work with flowers & foliage. Sean took care of our garden, & this weekend I have worked hard to make it look as good as he did. Painful as it is to be in that garden without him, I feel its healing properties. Along with my gorgeous cocker spaniel, Rolo, we had a good day, noting the signs of autumn in the brown leaves & seed heads. I will always keep the garden beautiful, in memory of my wonderful husband, Sean