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There are many online businesses nowadays, competing with high street shops. Some of those businesses are spending as much on keeping themselves at the top of the search engine lists as shops are paying in rent & business rates.
Depending on what you’re selling, a shop front can be important. What we sell – i.e. flowers – is an item best seen in real life. We aim to inspire people with our selection of beautiful flowers. They also photograph well, & we use our photos on social media.

Our shop window is the first port of call to inspire & engage people. It is photographed by people from all over the world on a daily basis.

A proposal

I’m really excited about our project for next Tuesday. A guy has asked us to make the words, “Marry Me” in red roses, so he can bring his girlfriend to the shop & propose to her. He had envisaged the letters concealed  by petals, which would then be blown away by a fan.

We gave it some thought and suggested to him that we should use the shop window, & suspend the letters. It will be like a piece of performance art. There will be material covering the glass , and just at the right moment, it will drop down & the words will be revealed! Very romantic!

The answer was “Yes”.

I’m in the process of drying the red roses, & will make a bouquet with some of them. The rest will be kept in petal form, & both will be put into display boxes.