Seasonal flowers

signature-3-july-13e It’s been a tough summer with the constant heat, & some of the flowers have struggled to survive. Some of my seasonal favourites, such as nigella, scabious & dahlias have not lasted well.
My garden flowers, herbs & foliage are always a feature of my signature bouquets. I loved the twisty, trailing stems, textures, seed heads & the scent of the lavender, mint, oregano & myrtle.
The season is about to change, & we move from the pinks & purples colour palette to a more autumnal feel, with reds, oranges, golds & rusts with deep shades of green. It reflects the golden quality of the autumn sunshine. I’ll go foraging for conkers, sweet chestnuts, sloe berries & branches & dried grasses.

Life and Death

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the beauty of nature

With life, we must accept death, & my family has endured two deaths in the past eight months. I lost my wonderful husband, Sean on New Year’s Eve. His father, Brendan died on 8th August.

The dynamics within the family alter with the loss of key characters. Both strong & vivacious people, they have left a huge abyss. I feel sympathy for the families suffering the same loss. Life can seem impossible & meaningless. But whatever your personal beliefs, you know that our lost ones would want us to be safe & happy. The grieving process is inevitable & important. it is a time of reflection.

I am lucky enough to work with flowers & foliage. Sean took care of our garden, & this weekend I have worked hard to make it look as good as he did. Painful as it is to be in that garden without him, I feel its healing properties. Along with my gorgeous cocker spaniel, Rolo, we had a good day, noting the signs of autumn in the brown leaves & seed heads. I will always keep the garden beautiful, in memory of my wonderful husband, Sean

Flowers for events

flowers for events
event flowers
The summer holidays will soon be over & it’s back to work for many, after a gorgeous summer break.
Our work diary is filling up with flower orders for conferences, events, autumn weddings & weekly office flower orders.
We love the season change & the flowers that go with it. All the rusts, oranges & browns that look so good against the golden sunlight of autumn, plus the textures of conkers, acorns & berries.
Leave the choice of flowers to us where possible, & we;ll give you the best of the season

wedding flowers

London weddings
wedding flowers
We had the pleasure of creating wedding flowers at Penshurst Place. It was a beautiful summer’s day in June, & the service was in the chapel at Mayfield School for Girls.
After drinks & canapes in the gardens, the wedding breakfast was held in the fabulous Baron’s Hall. Huge candelabra on every table were adorned with a selection of white flowers & foliage – jasmine, clematis, cymbidium orchids, eustoma & roses with berried ivy, trailing ivy & salal.
Every wedding we do is designed from scratch. We can give you expert advice on the best flowers for your special day. email janet@stemsfloraldesign or call 020 7831 6776.