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send flowersLupins were featued a lot in The Chelsea Flower Show TV footage. It’s a flower I’ve always loved & grown in my garden. They come in all my favourite shades of pinks & purples, & grow high in early summer, with the stocks & aquilegia.

I love the way these lupins are growing, & find it more beautiful than a profusion of tightly packed flowers. Both the green & the space between the flowers are important for being able to see the beauty of each flower.

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Amazing things you can do with flowers & foliage

floral design for photography, TV and filmWe are floral experts, & we can find a solution to your requirements. Our shop window always has a small installation. The theme this year has been the sky – with clouds made of cotton wool, falling ‘snow’ real cotton in the winter months, stars & a ‘planet’ of dried hydrangea heads.

Many years ago, I was asked by a photographer to create a cornfield in a photographic studio in Battersea. As you can see from the photo, it was very successful. The original shoot was in Iceland, outdoors, & we had to recreate it.

A large print made up the background. I then covered the floorspace with undulating chicken wire & floral foam. I lay hay all over it, then made tufts of wheat to add height. The wheat & hay came from a local farm. a very interesting project!

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