Mexican Day of the dead

Charlotte & I  will be making 2 marigold skulls for The British Museum Mexican Day of the Dead exhibition on Sunday 1st November. Her degree in Fine Art from Central St. Martin’s stands her in good stead for this type of project. Photos to follow shortly.


Stephen & I once made a replica of an Icelandic cornfield in a photographic studio in Battersea. That, too was a very interesting project. We enjoy a challenge at Stems!

I’ll be featuring food & flower fusion in the shop next week, including edible flowers – just to follow the theme of the TV show. Charlotte, ( little one) & I  are looking forward to dressing the shop window.

A proposal

I’m really excited about our project for next Tuesday. A guy has asked us to make the words, “Marry Me” in red roses, so he can bring his girlfriend to the shop & propose to her. He had envisaged the letters concealed  by petals, which would then be blown away by a fan.

We gave it some thought and suggested to him that we should use the shop window, & suspend the letters. It will be like a piece of performance art. There will be material covering the glass , and just at the right moment, it will drop down & the words will be revealed! Very romantic!

The answer was “Yes”.

I’m in the process of drying the red roses, & will make a bouquet with some of them. The rest will be kept in petal form, & both will be put into display boxes.

Edible flowers

We’ve been experimenting with edible flower bouquets over the summer. Violets, nasturtiums, herb flowers, ( such as mint, marjoram, rosemary and lavender), make beautiful bouquets. We are about to stock a range of edible flowers from Asia too. Watch this space………..