Styling at B&Q

Styling at B&Q for Alan Titchmarsh

Last Thursday, Alan Titchmarsh became the new face of B&Q, and there was a Press photo call in the New Malden  store. We were hired to dress the set – a greenhouse, small shed & propogator with plants. We used bay, olive, rosemary citrus plants & ferns – a selection of shades of green, shapes & textures.

Alan apologised for getting us out of bed so early, but of course, we’re used to it!

Visit Stemsfloraldesign…

Feed the birds

England that Takis thought only existed in fairy tales

We managed to get to the shop & buy some bird seeds while we were snowed under.  We moved the bird table to the middle of the lawn, so we could appreciate the feathered visitors, and Sean hung the coconut halves  full of seeds in the trees. The garden was remarkably bird free beforehand, & then, all of a sudden, my favourite robins were back, along with blue tits, chaffinches, ravens, wood pigeons, magpies, green paraqueets, song thrush, wrens and of course, squirrels!

Hey squirrel, leave something for the birds!
Monty & Rolo love the snow – especially Rolo. He’s not happy to come in until he has a large blob of snow on the end of his nose!  Takis is from Athens & really felt the cold, but loved it

Happy New Year

Takis taking a picture of the first snow he’s ever seen

A snowy view of the Thames

Happy New Year to all!

What strange & wonderful weather we’ve had over the Christmas break!  Ice &  snow, frosty mornings, brilliant sunshine, teeming rain…. We’ve had some lovely riverside walks with Takis, ( from Athens), who says that the views by the river remind him of the pictures he saw in books as a child, & he finds it surreal & beautiful. I wonder what he’ll make of Windsor town centre tomorrow.

My amaryllis finally drooped yesterday, and without flowers in the house, I’m already missing them!  We open the shop on Monday, so I don’t have long to wait. I love the bare branch, minimalistic look, with just a few early  spring flowers, reflecting the time of year. Sean cut some walnut & birch from the garden for me.

Christmas 2009

With the shop now closed until  midnight on 3rd january, we’re chilling out at home.

Takis was supposed to arrive on an Easyjet flight from Athens on 21st. Dec., but it was cancelled and the next available seat is on 28th. So we spent Christmas Day with Tomoko, and had a fabulous Christmas dinner at home before visiting neighbours for strawberry & champagne cocktails & snowballs. Sean drove Tomoko to Heathrow to catch the Finnair flight to Tokyo this morning.

We made bubble & squeak to accompany the cold meats, & a chicken curry with rice, as well as prawns with mango, coriander & lime. Our family spent the day with us, and we had a fab time.

Going to the Emirates stadium tomorrow to watch Arsenal play Aston Villa – should be an exciting game!