Fill your home office with oxygen!

Indoor and outdoor green and flowering plants

You can fill your home workspace with oxygen and life by getting some beautiful plants.

During lockdown and beyond, many people are working from home. Who knows how many companies will dispose of their large offices after the pandemic, and only keep enough space for a third of its workers. There has been talk of staggering the working day so there are fewer people in the office at one time. And perhaps bosses will conclude that staff work just as efficiently from home.

Cactus, peace lily, weeping fig, dracaena

Plants that clean the air efficiently

The most popular and versatile plant is, in my opinion, the peace lily, or spathphyllum. It has beautiful, green shiny leaves and white flowers. You can mistreat it, forget to water it, leave it in the dark, and it will bounce back after a good soak in water.

Sanseveria, or mother-in-law’s tongue is a more sculptural, succulent that also bears bad treatment. It requires very little water, and provides oxygen whilst cleaning the air.



We have realised that with the absence of our regular office clients in Holborn, we need to target the people working from home, who would normally find us closed by the time they returned from the office in the evening. We also have lots of new neighbours who are moving into the new apartment blocks that are popping up everywhere in Holborn.

We offer a weekly flower service

Once you have moved into a new home, plants are an essential part of the interior design. We also think a base of flowers weekly is a must. Extra flowers for dinner parties and entertaining can be arranged.

Foraging for wild flowers during lockdown

Flowers are my passion. I opened Stems of Holborn 35 years ago, and have missed the flowers so much. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a garden and countryside though, which as enabled me to carry on arranging flowers. I forage, I grow flowers, herbs and vegetables, I dry flowers and we make short videos about trees, plants and flowers for social media.

Cow parsley

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Stay serene, healthy and happy!


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Jan founded Stems in London WC1 in 1985, after changing her career as a teacher/translator, & training as a florist in Sweden. Her unique style, inspired by country walks, has been described as natural & wild, but with depth & sophistication. From a simple, tiny posy to grand events at St. James's Palace, Jan loves creating beautiful arrangements.