White flowers for May weddings

White flowers are always popular for weddings. May is a popular month for weddings, and this year, we have the Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding to look forward to in Windsor! https://www.royalcollection.org.uk
I have heard that the peony is Meghan’s favourite flower. We have some white peonies in one of the photos here and they look fabulous with large white Naomi roses and hydrangea. I’m sure peonies will play a part in the Royal Wedding!

At the other end of the seasonal white flower size scale are the tiny lily of the valley – a highly scented, woodland flower – so pretty and delicate. It was in Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet, along with white sweet William, of course!

Lily of the valley is a lovely spring flower to grow in the garden if you have a shady spot. I love to see them with muscari, primroses and forget-me-nots – all flowering in the green moss and grass of spring, like tiny jewels!

So you need to select your white flowers carefully, ensuring that no flower overpowers another due to its size. I always like to meet a bride to be, see a photo of her dress, and check what size flowers are suitable. The pale green of eucalyptus leaves enforces the gentle nature of white flowers.

So when you’re planning wedding flowers, get the help of a good florist, who will guide you through all the possibilities and prices. You can quote a budget, and the florist will suggest the best way to use that budget. A guideline is that seasonal is best and most reasonably priced, although some flowers always stay in the higher price bracket, like peonies, lily of the valley and sweet peas. Some flowers are unpredictable, and others well-behaved and reliable – just like people!

Pinterest https://about.Pinterest.com is a well used source of information for wedding flowers. Some of the photos are artificial flowers that people think are real, so we do get some disappointed brides to be when we let them know that! There is also a lack of foliage with many of the flowers, which I think is a shame. Foliage brings the flowers to life. It doesn’t need to be overpowering, and the paler leaves often work best, as well as herbs, that add scent and texture as well as colour and depth.

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Jan founded Stems in London WC1 in 1985, after changing her career as a teacher/translator, & training as a florist in Sweden. Her unique style, inspired by country walks, has been described as natural & wild, but with depth & sophistication. From a simple, tiny posy to grand events at St. James's Palace, Jan loves creating beautiful arrangements.