Valentine’s Day

   It’s always interesting to see whether or not it will be a red rose Valentine’s Day . Some years people go for mixed bouquets rather than the traditional dozen red roses. Roses are obviously not in their natural season in February, but the beautiful “Grand Prix” roses from Holland are absolutely stunning.

There are lots of tulips, anemones, ranunculae, waxflower & genista around if you love spring flowers. Give a good florist your budget, & they’ll come up with something unique and beautiful for you.  visit

Christmas flowers at Stems

christmas flowers

Stems shop window in Sicilian avenue


We have two Christmasses at Stems – the first happens at the beginning of December, when we deck out clients’ offices with trees and displays, and then around now, when the public start to buy things for home & friends.

Our window is snowy white & silver this year, with lots of phalaenopsis orchids curving elegantly beneath the silver and white baubels. All we need now is some real snow in the Avenue!

Inside the shop, we have beautiful amaryllis, ilex twigs, the scent of the fresh blue pine, cones, cinnamon, lime, orange, star anise, skimmia and red roses. We’re making white rose and silver twisty willow branches for The Comedy Awards on ITV this week.  We made a bouquet for Susan Boyle on Monday – put some thistle in there and made it a bit Christmassy – hope she liked it!   visit