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Christmas flowers

Stems Sicilian Avenue shop window
Stems shop window Christmas 2018
Come and get some flowers for Christmas! We can deliver, or you can visit our beautiful shop in Sicilian Avenue and choose grom a wonderful selection – we will have berries, blue pine, roses, amaryllis, lilies and coloured birch twigs to add sparkle. Whatever your colour scheme this year, we can design a beautiful bouquet for you.
We have lots of Secret Santa plants to choose from, and we supply Christmas displays for your office reception desk or Christmas parties.
We’ve been dressing the shop window with some lovely Christmas lights and wreaths. The spathphyllum (peace lilies), with their white flowers and dark green leaves look pretty, nestled amongst a variety of succulents, cactuses and hanging plants.
Part of the fun of Christmas is the planning – the menu, the colour scheme, the style and the flowers. We look forward to helping you create a perfect Christmas!
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Christmas falls on Tuesday this year. You can buy your flowers on the Friday before, and choose long-lasting lilies, orchids, amaryllis, berries and pine. We can also make you a table centre display, with our without a candle. If you keep the flowers watered, and change the water in vases every other day, your flowers will last well.
We’re giving a wreath making class at ITV next week. We’ll be giving a demo while the ITV staff enjoy a glass of wine.They will then make their own wreath to take home.
If you want to make your own wreath,
You’ll need a wire frame, some moss, string for binding, blue pine and other foliage for the base. You can then decorate with pine cones, berries, bows and sparkly twigs. You can hang the wreath on your door, or use it as a table centre with a big candle in the centre.
Spray mist the wreath to moisten the moss and keep the foliage fresh.

Top tips for Christmas flowers

Top tips for christmas flowersTop tips for Christmas flowers:

1. Buy flowers from a proper florist. Better quality, wider choice and more expertise from the staff when choosing the right flowers for you.

2. Amaryllis, ilex berries, blue pine, orchids, cotton and birch twigs are all long lasting

3. Let the florist know where you will be putting the flowers, so they can advise you on what size & shape you need. Measure up at home if you want garlanding for a fireplace or banister.

4. If arranging flowers yourself, remove all lower foliage from the stems, so that they are not below water level. This will stop the water smelling. Change the water every day.

5. Top up oasis displays with water every day, as well as watering your Christmas tree.

6. Some flowers will outlive others. Pick some foliage from the garden to replace wilting blooms & recreate your display.

7. Wilting roses can be hung upside down in a warm, airy place and dried.

8. Push a stick up inside the stems of amaryllis to give them extra support.

Look at Stems on Facebook and Twitter @stemsfloral to see how to make your own door garland!

Send flowers with a message

I was asked by a customer for help with a card message this week – and yes, of course, I was happy to assist. It’s all part of the service. It’s like knowing what you want when you see it in a clothes shop, but not beforehand.

The message in question was to be romantic, but not corny, sincere but not OTT. We worked on it together, & came up with a perfect message. The wrong message with the right flowers would be like wearing a boiler suit to a wedding, or a cocktail dress to drive a tractor.

Also, less is more. The simple act of sending flowers is, in itself, a statement.

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Top tips for Christmas flowers

flowers for Christmas1. Make sure your florist gives you sticks to go inside the stems of amaryllis. The stems sometimes collapse under the weight of the open blooms.

2. Spray mist blue pine and moss in displays, & top up the water daily.

3. Change the water daily in vases of cut flowers. Simply lift all the flowers out in one go, place on draining board and change the water in the vase.

4. Stab a hole in the base of hard fruit, such as apples, & insert a stick before placing in oasis displays.

5. Hang roses upside down when they begin to wilt, & dry them. They will shrink as they dry, but if you place them in the steam of a kettle once dry, they will open up again.

6. Anemones and Christmas roses like ice cold water.

7. Tulips and narcissi don’t like being in the same vase. The sap from narcissi kills other flowers.