The Garden at Stems of Windsor

We adopted this little patch of garden from the Council when we moved in in April 2021. It was basically a square of weeds and tall grass, with two beautiful, tall ash trees.

As a new business, opened during the end of the pandemic, I was working on a very tight budget. I used to plant a few seedlings now and then.
The reaction from the public amazed me….such joy and gratitude. For me, it enhances the shop front, and gives me something beautiful to look out on while I’m flower arranging.

During the cold snap in January, when temperatures were not reaching higher than 2 degrees, I couldn’t stock many of the very expensive cut flowers. I bought some muscari, crocuses, polyanthus, hyacinths and narcissi in pots. These are all far more hardy. On Saturday, we planted some in our little garden….a real sign of spring!

By janet

Jan founded Stems in London WC1 in 1985, after changing her career as a teacher/translator, & training as a florist in Sweden. Her unique style, inspired by country walks, has been described as natural & wild, but with depth & sophistication. From a simple, tiny posy to grand events at St. James's Palace, Jan loves creating beautiful arrangements.