Flowers. The Perfect Gift

Flowers are the Perfect Gift

Flowers are the perfect gift for so many occasions.
As a floral designer, wedding flowers have been my gift to many relatives and friends on their special day. I always take flowers to dinner parties – often adding blooms and foliage from my own garden.

bouquet with myrtle, red robin and blossom from my garden

I have been enjoying the cherry plum blossom I have the joy of smelling down the lane on my daily dog walk. I pick the cherry plums in July and make jam.

cherry plum blossom

I love this time of year – the days are getting longer, the birds are twittering with excitement, the spring flowers are in bloom. It’s the season of hope and renewal.

purple and white bouquet

Certain bouquets in the online shop are popular in different seasons. The rainbow colours are top in winter, and we’re now seeing less need for the bright colours. This must be related to the better quality of light in spring.

Memory Lane

Our Memory Lane bouquet’s popularity never fades. This is one of my favourite roses. So delicate in colour, but a very strong variety, it opens beautifully and lasts well.

Here are a couple more of this week’s creations. Although Covid has damaged trade to a huge extent, we are still able to make some beautiful designs, thanks to our loyal customers!

By janet

Jan founded Stems in London WC1 in 1985, after changing her career as a teacher/translator, & training as a florist in Sweden. Her unique style, inspired by country walks, has been described as natural & wild, but with depth & sophistication. From a simple, tiny posy to grand events at St. James's Palace, Jan loves creating beautiful arrangements.