Flowers. The Perfect Gift

Flowers are the Perfect Gift Flowers are the perfect gift for so many occasions. As a floral designer, wedding flowers have been my gift to many relatives and friends on their special day. I always take flowers to dinner parties – often adding blooms and foliage from my own garden. bouquet with myrtle, red robin… Continue reading Flowers. The Perfect Gift

Florist in Bloomsbury

This is our beautiful bouquet we have named Happy Anniversary. We gave it this name when we created it for a dear friend’s wedding anniversary. I love the rich red of the roses with the purples – strong colours that hold their own beside one another. In contrast, this pale bouquet of gentle whites, pinks… Continue reading Florist in Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury in Bloom

It’s been a lovely week for flowers. We’ve had a couple of little weddings and some weekly flower orders. The sunflowers are still looking fabulous, and the autumn colours are creeping in. 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS AT THE RITZ We received an assignment this week to replicate a bridal bouquet from 1970. Due to the… Continue reading Bloomsbury in Bloom