Blue flowers

There’s a sort of poetic licence in floristry when it comes to colours. Blue flowers can also include what are really mauve or purple. It’s amazing how differently people see colours. It also depends on the light – we even see the difference on a grey day compared with a sunny day.
Summer is the best time for true blue flowers – cornflowers, scabious, campanula, brodaeia, as well as hydrangea, agapanthus and delphiniums you can see in the image. Blue roses are available, but are dyed.
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Nature’s colours

I’ve just been for a short break in Whitstable, and was lucky enough to see this wonderful sunset over the Thames estuary while having supper at The Oyster Shack, situated on the beach.
My work is inspired by such experiences of nature.
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Send Mother’s Day flowers

It was freezing early this morning, as I set off for the shop – clear sky and promise of another sunny day.
My birthday falls in rhe same week as Stems birthday – 32 years old in a few days time. One of my lovely neighbours delivered a celebration cake this morning! I couldn’t help noticing the colouring matched the bouquet I’d just made!
I had some lovely customers today, including a lovely man who was telling me about the plants the astronauts have in their space shuttles! There is a lot to be said for adding plants to make a healthier environment.
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