Pumpkins, gourds and autumn flowers

IMG_20141023_075618 The flowers are taking on that golden, autumn sunshine feel – gourds, leucadendron, nutans, Chinese lanterns, burnt orange roses, cymbidium orchids….it’s lovely to have these beautiful, seasonal colours around as the days get shorter.
We still stock a range of colours – pinks, purples, white & ivory. Let us know if you want anything in particular, & we’ll source it for you.
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Send roses

40-red-roses These are “Naomi”, scented red red roses – 40 of them, ordered for a special birthday today, by clients staying at #TheRosewood #Holborn Hotel.
They are certainly among the best red rose you can buy. Dutch grown, they have beautiful foliage. We have added hydrangea & dracaena leaves.
There’s something about roses….so many beautiful flowers to choose from, but they remain in a class of their own.
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Happy Tuesday!

send flowers in London

img_20160911_073551Italian Embassy 006 I was lucky enough to witness this beautiful sunset last week. It epitomises the autumn shades I love in flowers.
The sunny weather is like an extension of summer, but the early mornings and darker nights hint at the onset of autumn. The horse chestnut leaves are turning and the berried ivy is stealing the space from the shrinking, deciduous plants.
It’s a good time to take a country walk & do some foraging – conkers, (spiders hate them), for a pretty bowl, fir cones that can be dried out & used as Christmas decorations, sweet chestnuts, moss…
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Autumn flowers

26102009041buy edible flowersRIMG0180It’s a great time to harvest your lavender & hang it up to dry. Hydrangea heads dry well too. The physalis, or Chinese lanterns, in the image are now available and can be dried for Halloween/Bonfire night parties. We also have poppy heads. If you’d like advice on drying flowers, or would like to buy some, give us a call on 020 7831 6776. You can also email janet@stemsfloraldesign.com, or send a message on the online shop at www.stemsfloraldesign.com