Help Stems of Holborn bloom after lockdown!

We were just about to celebrate Stem’s 35th. anniversary on 25th March when, two days before, we were directed to close up shop and stay at home.

These are unprecedented times, and we fully support the lockdown, protecting the vulnerable people in our society, and supporting all key workers as well as our wonderful NHS. We are so grateful to receive post, packages, food and medicines and to have our bins emptied.

I knew I would miss being with the flowers, so my month off has been a busman’s holiday, spending every day in the garden, weeding, transplanting and creating a vegetable patch.


We are grateful to the Mayor of London who invited us to join this Crowdfunder project. The idea is to receive orders for the business which will fill our diary, and can be fulfilled upon our return, to help the business survive and protect jobs.
If you would like to place an order, just follow the link at the top of the page. If you have any questions, call is on 07932 052411

In Vogue

One of our last projects before the lockdown was to forage moss-covered branches for British Vogue.

As a nature lover, I tend to study the hedgerows, and particularly appreciate the many types of moss, in all shades of green, that grow in the branches in the moist air of early spring.

We closed the shop on 23 March, as directed by the Government. As a non-essential shop, it was the right thing to do. These are worrying times for everyone, and iur health and safety comes first. The situation is unprecedented, and nobody knows how things will pan out.

But there are some positive aspects – a good rest for some of us, and time to reflect and take stock. Also a rest for the environment, without air and water pollution. A time to reevaluate our lives and consider what is important.

We’ve been making short videos during our daily exercise. They are about the local countryside.

Cherry plum blossom

This is an area with many ancient yew trees, and the elm is clawing its way back after the devastating Dutch elm disease in the Seventies. The cherry plum blossom lining the lane has the most amazing fragrance, and we pick the fruit to make jam in July.

We also have elderflowers in May, and will make elderflower cordial and jelly.

elderflowers soaking with oranges a, lemons and sugar

in August, the brambles will be covered in juicy blackberries, and we will pick tansy and dry it as a pot pourri – said to keep flies away.

We hope to be back at Stems in the summer, and to share some of our foraged treasures with you all.

Look out for our videos on instagram @stemsfloral and the Stems of Holborn Facebook page.

Spring flowers and which flowers are available in March

Blossom and camellia with clematis and hawthorn branches

I’m lucky enought to have this beautiful blossom and camellia growing in my garden, and loved this combination using pale mauve clematis.
Clematis is a great addition to cut flowers available all year round. Although they flower naturally in the garden from June, they look lovely with the small and dainty spring flowers in terms of size and their wild-looking appearance.

Flower bottles in mauve and white

At the height of fashion, these little clusters of flower bottles looking very natural and wild. We’ve used astilbe, clematis, ranunculus, astrantia and roses. A little Green bell and eucalyptus brings some soft green.

Pink and white rose bouquet

This hand tied bouquet of tightly tied Memory Lane and Athena roses was loved by the client.

We were asked to make two of these beautiful bouquets for performers at The Royal Opera House this week.

We used calla lilies, Buttercup roses, astilbe, gypsophila, astrantia and purple lisianthus. The effect was rich and deep, with complex textures and colour.

We didn’t know what to expect this week, with panic over the Corona virus, and many people working from home, but it’s been a busy one.

We’re based in Holborn, central London, so a very busy part of London!

Pop up workshops at the office

We were delighted to give this pop up workshop over a lunchtime at Havas, Pancras
Square, hosted by Hearst.

Blue Monday was on 19th January – a tough time of year for many people.
The benefits of handling flowers and doing something creative are invaluable. Florists have been named as some of the most contented people around.
We run workshops for small groups at Stems in Sicilian Avenue, Holborn, but we can also arrange to come to your offices for larger groups.
If you want to learn a floral technique, we can tailor a class for that, or you can keep it informal, and we just bring you lots of beautiful flowers to play with!
Give us a call on 020 7831 6776 or email

Find out more about our workshops for groups.